A truly powerful GOMDori has appeared!!
Apr. 28. 2024
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GOMDori emerged hotly with a powerful ecosystem and business model that was not found in the Web3.0 world. We have issued tokens to enrich the lives of Web3 users and are listing them on top tier exchanges to liquidate tokens faster than anyone else. GOMDori is designed to break down borders for the lives of global users and allow everyone, regardless of gender or age, to enjoy the crypto world equally. Anyone who holds GOMDori can earn money, anyone can receive medical benefits, and anyone can travel. GOMD Magazine is a window where you can share all the hot and powerful news of GOMDori, so we hope you will show a lot of interest.

April’s GOMD main members!!!
Name : Sebastian
Position : Project Owner

Question 1. Why did you choose the GOMDori Project and take on the position of PO?
Answer - The GOMDori project first started and is based on a company called ‘Gomi Corporation’, which operates the web2 business well in the background. Gomi Corporation is an e-commerce platform that has already generated stable sales, and the investment companies that follow it have invested in major companies quite large. While running a web2 business, I was fascinated by Gomi Corporation's business know-how to keep up with the changes of the market trend and their passion for web3 and participated in this GOMDori project. Now, the GOMDori project is in the process of testing to build several business models, and I joined the GOMDori project as a position "PO”, a position where we can be more deeply involved in the project and intuitively see how we grow.

Question 2. What did you do for the GOMDori Project in April and what were the results?
Answer - The most necessary thing for the current GOMDori project was to transform the external appearance of the existing Web2 business into Web3 business. Accordingly, Web3's basic philosophy, the GOMDori Project, pushed ahead with the renewal of the website, the face of the GOMDori project, in line with the current trend, to serve potential users who will participate in the community with the motto of growing with the community. With the achievements so far, the renewal of the website has been able to hear a variety of cheers from community users. In addition, as we join this team, we are gradually getting in sync with our team members, and we expect to introduce various events and promotions to community users in the future.

Question 3. Why are you investing your life in Gomdori?
Answer - I've been in the market for years as a private investment in the market for coin(token) and NFTs. Many companies issue coin(token) or NFTs and actually use them as marketing methods, but I thought there was a lack of main business to support them. However, since Gomi Corporation's web2 business was already making stable profits, I felt that sustainability and growth potential were sufficient compared to other projects, so I decided to invest my time in this GOMDori project.

Question 4. What vision do you think Gomdori has for Web3?
Answer - I can say it in one sentence simply. Web3 believes that the decision-making power is not what the company has, but that the company presents an overall roadmap, but collects various ideas from community users and makes decisions through democratic voting accordingly. This is what I think is the basic philosophy of web3.

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