Purpose of Gomdori

The Gomdori Crypto Project is focused on securing loyal users worldwide through a search-based AI tool, with the goal of consolidating an ecosystem that includes product sales, organic marketing, reward token distribution, and offering discounts and free services (including goods) through memberships. The ultimate aim is to construct a virtual nation.

Already, Gomdori has established alliances in various sectors such as accommodation, medical, education, commerce, logistics, culture, and history. Utilizing this foundation, it aims to provide global loyal users with the freedom to enjoy economic activities, cultural pursuits, and hobbies.

Country | Republic of Korea
Identity | Traditional Personality
Working Business | Tour Guide, introduce K-Culture, Tour, HistoryCollaboration with KCT,
K-Medical, K-Fashion
Country | Vietnam
Identity | Comfortable and Strong
Working Business | Sell Customer goods, Marketing and Logistic Collaboration with VTC Online,
Mind Ventures and VTV Live
Thailand GOMDori
Country | Thailand
Identity | Beauty and Fashionable
Working Business | Sell Hair Devise and Women Fashion Collaboration with BEAUTRIUM and
YEOJA Fashion Brand
Country | India
Identity | Charisma and Royal
Working Business | Global Marketing And Communication Collaboration : The Crypto Launchpad
to global Communication and Government
Artist GOMDori
Country : Italian
Identity | Charisma and Royal
Working Business : Selection, sourcing, auctioning and storage of works
Collaboration : Star Auction