GOMDori Founder David's recent activity interview.
May. 10. 2024
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Q1. As of May 2024, what has David been doing and what results has he produced?

Answer1-1. Blockchain-based capital raising
> GOMDori received investment proposals from three crypto investment institutions: GP Labs, PH Labs, and Bestla VC, and is currently reviewing them and the total size is $3 million and we plan to raise funds to develop an ecosystem for our precious holders and improve token prices with utility channels.

Answer1-2. Establishment of ecosystem
> I plan to further accelerate the borderless Web 3 based commerce ecosystem of GOMDori holders by signing a product supply agreement with TJX, a company listed on New York Stock Exchange(NYSE) and "Everydays" which owns America's No.1 diet collagen jelly brand.


Q2. David, what is the most important thing for the GOMDori project?

Answer2. We consider listing on a very solid global top-tier exchange, the crypto ecosystem and GOMDori's perfect crypto branding to be of utmost importance. And with GOMDori Token, we aim to further strengthen the use of tokens so that holders can lead a better life. For example, we are currently preparing a marketing and ecosystem collaboration with the pretty famous Meme project teams. GOMDori supports the commerce ecosystem and the Meme project supports holders to achieve mutual benefit.

Stay tuned on the GOMDori project. we will show you all incredible business you haven’t seen.

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