GOMD’s HOT ISSUE on May 4 week
May. 24. 2024
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Hello, this is GOMDori Team and we had a great week.

1️⃣ The design for GOMDori Mall has been completed. It’s an online commerce mall where sells electronics, cosmetics, luxury goods, fashion, etc. can all be paid for with $GOMD token for crypto users around the world. The GOMDori team is working hard to increase the token value by diversifying the uses of $GOMD token.

2️⃣ We are also preparing to sign a B2B supply contract with the US iHerb platform through EveryDaze, with which it has already signed an MOU. As a result, the GOMDori team secured a sales channel for iHerb, America's No. 1 health functional food and K-Beauty platform, and stable sales as well. 

3️⃣ For Growth Hacking, Our team is conducting marketing for CLS Global, and is planning an official vote by large exchanges soon. Through this vote, GOMDori hopes to secure new on-chain holders and be listed on large exchanges. 

4️⃣ Finally, GOMDori team has now completed the structure of the character that is the basis of NFT. We will soon launch GOMDori NFT, which is full of benefits, and use it as a stepping stone to increase the value of many projects.

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