The Last Week on May
May. 30. 2024
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This week, our team had a lot of events.

1️⃣ We held a campaign for an event ‘Bitcoin Pizza Day’
GOMDori held a GOMD Pizza event to commemorate Bitcoin Pizza Day.
Hundreds of content, tens of thousands of views, and new on-chain holders were acquired.

2️⃣ Partnerships in North America
GOMDori has been given the green light to enter a large market through a partnership in the U.S. and Canadian market. In the future, $GOMD holders will be able to utilize $GOMD Token on a commerce ecosystem in the North American market.

3️⃣ Listing on CEX soon
GOMDori had the opportunity to be listed after voting on two large exchanges. So, we will announce it to our community when voting begins soon. Don’t miss this chance.🙂

4️⃣ Mint NFT soon
We are also working tirelessly and aggressively to launch NFT. You will soon be able to see the cute and charismatic GOMDori NFT.

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